Holiday Conspicuous Consumption Rant

Posted on December 30, 2006. Filed under: My Quirky Videos |

This Holiday season I tried to hold the awareness of the invisible consequences of my consumer choices. In this video, I interviewed three consumer units to assess their awareness levels regarding the impact of their consuming behaviorson the world and also their willingness to change these behaviors if they knew for certain it would mean “saving the world”.

The results were inconclusive, of course, with this small of a sample size, but it did get me thinking and ranting. Oh, and I got picked on by security guards, too. Let me know if you think I handled them well.

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11 Responses to “Holiday Conspicuous Consumption Rant”

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Nicely done, lol!

Thanks, Jill! I will take this as a huge compliment coming from you. You have a fresh and enjoyable blog.

Nice job! “Just give me my Icelandic water!”

Thanks for the comment, Mark. You know, I have to have a lot of love for that woman. She has to live with a value rub as do we all. She wants to save the planet, and she doesn’t want to consume poison. She admits her choice. How many of us want to save the world, but don’t want to drive our bicycles to the grocery store because it’s too far, too uncomfortable, and we can’t carry as much? This is the nature of us, the species human. We change when we get uncomfortable enough with the old habits.

I am glad to see people doing things that make a difference! Even getting one person thinking about these things makes it worthwhile. :)

Thanks for dropping this in my comments!

Well done definitely worth the trouble. Despite seeing it a million times before I never cease to be surprised by how people justify the blatantly wrong with the fantastically in-coherent to themselves and others – even on camera and even when the earth on which we live in is so battered. There are levels of understanding that people have to progress through level 1: there is a problem, level 2: I can do something about it, level 3: I am doing something about it. Somehow the people in your film add another level between 2+3 called level 2.1: I will ignore it because it is somebody else’s problem. Apathy is humanity’s biggest enemy.

Oh man, why do they attack your civil rights that way? “Free access to the Media” doesn’t just
apply to the local paper.
I hope you convinced some people to rethink their
spending habits.

Hey, thanks for the link! Very nicely done.
I definitely enjoyed it.

Connecticut Man and I, Sasquatch, thanks for the love!

Speed, apathy is a human conundrum. In my own life, apathy does rear its head. I guess I try to offer empathy to my apathy. :)

lanea, I didn’t feel attacked. I felt like they were doing as they were instructed by the Kitsap Mall. As I understand it, Malls have rights as private spaces same as a home. This allows them to keep out public protests and keep nice tidy halls. Also, it allows more control over their branding. They just want to make sure they look pretty. Me too. I don’t want anyone taking video of me in my underwear… er… anyone new, anyway.

Thanks to all for you attention. I am grateful.


HI – I stumbled upon this from I don’t know where (ah, the blogosphere!) but I just wanted to say that your video was GREAT and very revealing. I share your concerns, and your surprise about your interviewees response to your question “would you reduce your purchases by half if you knew it would save the world…” What a no brainer. Why doesn’t everyone jump up and down and scream yes?

p.s. I’m on a shopping embargo myself. Just until Feb 1 for now. Check it out here:

andrea from the fishbowl,

Thanks for your comment. I can tell we think in a very similar manner about a variety of topics. I love your post about body image and young girls and would encourage my viewers to take a look. She’s a thoughtful idealist. I love that in a person!

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