Global Warming: A Clear and Present Danger?

Posted on January 6, 2007. Filed under: My Quirky Videos |

AKA, We’re all gonna die. Or are we? Watch as I ask these hard questions of everyday people. (I had been waiting for another fire truck (and this link, too) to show up at my house, but alas, no luck.)

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13 Responses to “Global Warming: A Clear and Present Danger?”

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The odd thing is, most of the people that are really really worried about global warming, which is supposed to drouwn all us southerners, are the same people who despise all us southerners anyhow.

This comment window doesn’t wrap text within the windown, so I’m not totally sure about my typing, out there on the right.

I’ll be back.

I enjoyed watching your video piece. Thanks for posting the link over at my blog. As, I have a very slow net connection (especially this weekend — due to the rain, it’s grinding along at 28,000 bps), so it took awhile to download and my connection dropped in the final few seconds of the video (arrrrgh!), but I liked what I saw!

Heather – I’ve just left another comment for you over at my blog regarding the net, blogs, discusson and communication regarding the environment, etc… , but thought I’d post this here too as some of your readers may be interested in checking out this video meme that a friend in Oregon has just put together and launched on the 2020 Oregon website being worked on by some like-minded people out there. I hope this link will work.

Highly interesting video Heather. Revealing and fun at the same time too. :) Good job!

It was 63 degrees at 7 am yesterday in upstate New York. This is really odd for January. We’ve had no measurable snow yet this season. There are trees flowering downtown, the cherry trees are blooming in Washington, there’s skunk cabbage coming up in Massachusetts. Colorado is bracing for it’s fourth blizzard in four weeks. If you haven’t seen Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” you should. Write your congressmen and women, and your senators. This country needs to wake up!

Climate change is happening. It’s been warming up for the past 14,000 years, at least. Alaska glaciers have been retreating for well over 200 years, long before “greenhouse gas” was being produced in sufficient quantity to have any effect on atmospheric heat retention.

Your video shows me that people have been sold a two-part bill of goods, half of which is true: yes, we are warming up, but no, we aren’t going to begin to slow it down by committing industrial and economic suicide as all the socialist pundits call for.

To somehow think that the major developed nations turning off their industries and parking all their automobiles will cause this warming process to reverse is absurd.

It is more than absurd, it is probably a deliberate attempt to have massive wealth re-distribution on a global scale, but to do it slowly enough that the global collective memory forgets how and why it was done.

I have a countervailing proposition: Let the major economic powers press on with their carbon-based economies, but make them put a percentage of their GDP’s into a trust fund to build seawalls, move cities inland, etc.

Crashing the world’s major economies now to do what knowledgeable atmospheric physicists can’t agree will even begin to effect the warming cycle is nuts, to put it mildly.

If the economies go south, the affected major nations will be worried about the accompanying national social diasters, not any future weather or climate-borne disasters.

Reason tells us that if this problem is as severe as Al Gore and other socialists tell us, we will need every penny that can be made available to mitigate the damage. It makes no sense to have a huge push to try to physically mitigate a warming cycle that has massive momentum that puny human efforts cannot touch.

Show me the proven physics of a carbon cap, and I’ll jump on your wagon. Until then, I’ll work against the process.

I wish the gentleman from Canada were a little more aware of how much political will does exist at the state level (California, for instance) to combat global warming. I fear he is yet another one of those people who instantly equate the Bush Administration with the entire country.

BTW, I do live about a mile from the Puget Sound, about a few hundred feet up, so I look forward to having valuable ocean front property in the future. :)

Human hubris, Mother Nature laughs her ass off. Add Global Warming to the list of wars that cannot be won.(war on drugs, war in Iraq,war on whatever).

Seriously, the planet is always changing, cycling, we just happen to notice, so now the sky is falling.

Three words every species on the planet has faced throughout planetary history. Adapt or Die.

Thanks for stopping by. This is a nice video. In Chicago, the temperatures have been 30 – 50 degrees warmer than normal. I’m not convinced that it is not too late to change. However, I think people should try to circumvent the damage done from the green house gasses. We all have a duty to at least try…

Wow! Lots of comments. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts.

jdallen: Ironic, to be sure, if that is true. I am neither prone to worry, as it doesn’t seem to be a productive state of mind for me, nor do I despise southerners. So I cannot comment about that. It is my hope that there are more than a few super-worried poeple who love southerners with every fiber of their being. :)

Bev: Sorry you couldn’t catch it all. May I suggest that you sell you tv and use the money to but a faster connection. Then you can watch me,,, and many other great online shows. No more need to sit through the glowing continuous advertisement we call the tv! Thanks for the kind words. Hope you can crash a friend’s house and watch more.

Ms.Baker: Thanks for the love. Come again! What do they say at AA? “Keep coming back. It works!”

Imageguy: Nothing wakes people up better than a wake. Catch this double entendre. Wake can mean a celebration for someone who has died, or a big wave, perhaps rolling through your home as the sea levels rise.

RivrDog: I understand and appreciate your position. Thanks for your thoughts. You seem like a very thoughtful person and I think it’s great that you are moved to take action according to your values. Have you seen the movie “Thank you for smoking”? I think you would get a kick out of it. It also discusses the sort of propoganda special interest groups use to snow the public.

Penseroso: Thanks for the humor! I think the Canada guy is probably just feeling a little frustrated. I think a lot of us are irregardless of which side of this issue we support.

mssuicidebomber: I hate it when my mother laughs at me. Thanks for bringing it back to reality for us.

Don’t think ‘we’ are gonna die, but life will get hellish more difficult in the decades to come. Stay informed visit:

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

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